If we decide to take a quick loan online for those in debt, we should first get some relevant information and check whether we agree not only on the financing conditions, but also on the way we verify the accuracy of the information we provide. Credit for the indebted is a quick and simple solution for all those who do not want their data to be checked in credit check.

How will the parabank verify the borrower’s details?

How will the parabank verify the borrower

It has been customary for parabanks to verify your customers’ data. This is done for one very simple reason – the company wants to know that the personal information we provide on the website is true. So from the beginning – in the first place we provide our data when registering a user account. This information is not much, but we will usually need our ID card to complete all fields. It is these data, indicated when setting up our profile, will be verified by the para-bank institution.



The most commonly used solution is the so-called verification transfer. In practice, this means that from our bank account number we are required to transfer a specified amount to the bank account number indicated by the lender. Usually it is only 1 penny, although some parabanks described this amount as USD 1. This fee is usually not refundable, but on the other hand we have to admit that it is really symbolic. In this way, the parabank will see if the data appearing in the field “owner of the bank account” are consistent with what we provided when registering on the lender’s website. That is why it is so important for us to make a verification transfer from our own bank account number. If we make it from the bank account of a friend or even someone from our family, unfortunately the verification will be negative.

The next verification step in the case of a loan without credit check may be sending an SMS to the telephone number indicated by the parabank. Some parabanks also use phone verification. The most popular method, however, is the first, most widely discussed by us, ie verification via a bank account. It is also a convenient form for us. It is also worth knowing that the financing granted will be transferred to the bank account number from which we made the verification fee.

Verifying the accuracy of data is a very important element of credit for indebted not only for a financial institution but also for us as potential borrowers and consumers. It ensures security and prevents the financing of an undesirable person.