Which factors are decisive for the financing period? If there is still a lack of evidence, the loan processing can take a long time. How much of your monthly income is available to you for repaying mortgage lending? The mortgage financing applies directly to the listed banks and insurance companies. The duration of the credit check process can affect the borrower to some extent.

Building Cost Financing At least reduce application stacks

Building Cost Financing At least reduce application stacks

The sellers are still complaining about unreasonably long lead times to lending.This is a lengthy topic at the construction bank of the city. “The situation has worsened,” complains a sales representative who has been on board for a long time. The lead time of four to six months was “good”, more complex applications needed even more.

“The situation is less dramatic for lite lender, the second largest private building society after the building society. “However, the special financing took longer.” This is 40% less than a year ago. 

New business for the entire Group – including the Astrofinance and the two subsidiaries in the Republic – increased by almost $ 182 million from January to September 2011 to around $ 4.54 billion. For the Sparkasse, the increase amounted to 8.7 percentage points and a total of USD 2.95 billion.

New loan factory causes great insecurity among employees

According to the group, they were well above the sector’s growth of 6.8%. “For seven and a half months, we have been making a loan application for our employees from MyCredit Lender, which was set up especially for this purpose in Hamburg. There are currently about 80 employees working there, said a spokesman. However, WP’s bankers are paid far less than the core workforce – according to the unions, their salaries are about 30 percentage points below the discount rate and the Desert Red Level.

When the duty-free factory was founded, it was about filling 100 positions. According to the financial services provider, turnover at Berlin Airport is not extraordinarily high at ten percentage points. The situation is different with the industrial union Verdi: “Anyone looking for a different solution will step down,” says secretary. Even if no further relocations to Germany are currently planned, as a press spokesman points out, the new loan factory causes great insecurity among employees.

“We found a good solution for the employees,” said the chairman of the Winterthur General Works Council. “Nevertheless, the company continues to demand a labor and site security contract for the entire MyCredit Lender. For example, the subsidiary plans to set up a loan factory at its headquarters in Hamburg, which will handle 1200 of 1,600 full-time jobs.